Do you have what it takes to be a Marvian?

Activating Local Marketing Potential for Brands

At Marvia, we help customers such as Domino's Pizza, Toyota, and Steve Madden to be successful by activating their local marketing potential. 

Marvia initially stormed the market as a web-to-print application to simplify the DTP process. We quickly found our way to the international market. Nowadays, our software is used by users in over 90 countries. Our ambition for the following years is crystal clear: "Become the US and EU standard for Distributed Marketing".

We're looking for talented minds with good ideas and strong passions to keep up with this ambition and growth. If you are ready for a new adventure - join Marvia!

Don't see your dream job but like to work at Marvia?

No worries! Your open application is more than welcome. 

Our culture

  • Consistently good 🏆 "Be consistently good, instead of occasionally great."
    We are not suggesting aiming low, but we rather aim for a consistent 8 than a once-in-a-while 10 because we believe that sustainable progress comes from being good enough over and over again.

  • Collaboration 🤝 "Alone you can't do anything; you have to work together."
    Quoting the great Johan Cruyff. We believe you need to work together to create a bigger outcome than the sum of its parts. 

  • Accountability 🙋"Take ownership over your job, and take accountability for the outcome."
    We know that taking action is our responsibility, not someone else's. We are accountable, even when others have a role to play, and take responsibility for failures as well as for success. 

  • Straight communication 💬 "Communicate transparently; be hard on the issue, soft on the person."
    We like to keep it straight and honest. We don't sugarcoat issues and try to get to the heart of the matter ASAP while valuing and respecting our relationships

"Being a Marvian is more than being an employee; you're a piece of a puzzle that fits very tightly"

David - Medior Developer

Our Perks

Flexible work arrangements
We trust you to act in the best interest of Marvia. That's why we don't have set hours or a specific remote work policy. You know best what you need to excel in your work. 

Time-off when you need it
Taking care of your health and time off is in the best interest of everybody. Instead of a maximum, we, therefore, have a minimum leave policy.

When you grow, we grow. We encourage you to develop yourself by attending events, trainings, workshops, and more.

International team set up
We have a truly global team with a vibrant HQ in Amsterdam and Marvians working over the globe. We value face-to-face contact and bring the team together when we can.